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Community Involvement

Corporate Community Involvement

Gas South employees work tirelessly to make an impact in the lives of area citizens. Gas South provides employees with flexible schedules to participate in meaningful community engagement activities and events with partner organizations ranging from the Atlanta Community Food Bank, United Way, local schools, and more. We strive to create a culture of caring while contributing to the social fabric of the communities in which we operate.

Education Partners

Partners in Education programs have been enriching the Cobb County and Atlanta Public School educational systems for over 20 years by providing a forum where relationships are formed between area businesses, local organizations and school systems to create support systems designed to meet the unique needs of particular schools.

Gas South is pleased to have partnered with Norton Park Elementary School in Cobb County and Atlanta Public School's Heritage Academy Elementary and Coan Middle Schools. These relationships have afforded us the opportunity to establish a presence in the educational community through participation in mentoring programs, student incentive awards, teacher appreciation awards and career day activities.

Through this partnership, we have taken a rewarding hands on approach with both the students and staff of these schools. We have developed meaningful relationships and provided financial support to fund programs and opportunities. We are making a concerted effort to collaborate with our educational community in an effort to make a positive impact on the learning experience of these students.

Gas South is also active behind the scenes providing expertise on several strategic committees including the Metro Atlanta Chambers’ Regional Education Committee, the Atlanta Public Schools Committee and the Local School Councils.

Social Services

Gas South recognizes the importance of nonprofit organizations and is committed to sponsoring and partnering with social service organizations throughout Georgia dedicated to helping the community. Social Services…

Community Sponsorships

Gas South is an active member of the communities we serve. Find out more about Gas South's
community and corporate sponsorships by completing the sponsorship request form. While we
can’t sponsor everyone (we wish we could!), we promise to give your request consideration and
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