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Commercial Natural Gas for Business

Small Business

As a leading Natural Gas Provider for Businesses in Georgia, Gas South can provide your small business with outstanding customer service and great commercial gas rates.
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Managed Accounts

Mid-sized and large businesses in Georgia who use over 3,000 therms of natural gas per year qualify for managed account services with Gas South. Let Gas South’s account management team provide you with customized rate plans for commercial gas service, tailored to meet the needs of your business. Examples of customers in this category include restaurants, dry cleaners, churches, manufacturing facilities, state and federal government facilities and school systems.
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Affiliate Programs

Gas South has partnered with numerous business and industry organizations to support their members and facilitate the growth and success of businesses in Georgia.
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Multifamily Communities

Gas South is proud to serve Georgia’s multifamily communities. Let Gas South provide uninterrupted natural gas service for your property with our Continuous Gas Service Program.
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Compressed Natural Gas

Committed to furthering the development of the current CNG market, Gas South offers gas supply to CNG retailers, government agencies and industrial/commercial entities as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to fuel their fleet of vehicles in Georgia and Florida. As the use of CNG promotes reduced emissions and green house gases paired with prices about 50% less than gasoline or diesel, the demand for CNG is growing. Gas South has the distinction of supplying more fuel for CNG vehicles than any other gas provider in Georgia. Learn more about the benefits of Compressed Natural Gas for Business.
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Natural Gas in Florida

Gas South can provide your Florida business with outstanding customer service and great rates.
Natural Gas for Businesses in Florida...

Natural Gas in the Carolinas

If your business uses 50 dekatherms or more of natural gas per day, click here to learn more.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our business customers have to say about how Gas South has helped them!
<H2>Compressed Natural <br/>Gas (CNG)</H2>

Compressed Natural
Gas (CNG)

Learn how Gas South can assist your business with CNG.
Compressed Natural Gas

Natural Gas in Florida

Learn how Gas South can provide Florida businesses with great rates and outstanding customer service.
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