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The Gas South Carbon Offset Program gives your business the option of offsetting
carbon emissions, or other types of emissions, resulting from your business's natural gas
usage. It's a great way to provide a service that adds real value for you and your
  • Offset natural gas usage or your entire carbon footprint.
  • Gain a proactive business partner to help reach your goals.
  • Provide a service that adds extra value for customers.
Through our partners, Gas South can purchase carbon offsets for your business based on your natural gas consumption.
  • Pays a surcharge on your gas bills to fund carbon offset projects.
  • Contributes to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Supports planting trees, landfill methane recovery or renewable-energy projects.
For more than 30 Years, Southface has promoted comfortable, energy, water and resource-efficient homes, workplaces and communities throughout the Southeast.
"As one of the most enviromentally- responsible restaurants in the country, partnering with Gas South to help launch their Carbon Offset Program made absolute sense to us.
We're also passionate about being a local business,so the option to offset our carbon footprint by supporting a nearby sustainable forestry project was very attractive to us."
-Erik Maier