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Mid-Market Business

Mid-Market Business

Our Mid-Market Business segment serves businesses that use between 3,000 and 30,000 therms annually, at either a single location or in aggregate at multiple locations throughout Georgia. Examples of customers in this category include restaurants, dry cleaners and churches.

Gas South would be happy to help your Georgia mid-market business with your natural gas needs. Please contact our mid-market sales team at the email or number below:

Phone: 1-866-512-3129 or 770-763-4322

Customized Rate Plans

Gas South offers customized rate plans based on your business’ natural gas usage. We have a dedicated mid-market sales team who can help you determine the best rate plan for your Georgia business. Gas South offers the following rate plans:
  • Fixed – This rate plan provides a consistent rate per therm for a 12 month period.

  • Market Tracker – This rate plan fluctuates month to month with the NYMEX natural gas market.

  • NYMEX Capped – This rate plan is similar to our Market Tracker, except that it’s capped at a specific rate. If the NYMEX natural gas market exceeds that rate, the customer only pays the capped rate.

Price Watch

Not quite ready to lock in a fixed rate? Tell us the 12 month fixed rate you are looking for and we will watch the market, notify you and lock it in when it becomes available. To take advantage of Price Watch, just notify your mid-market representative.

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