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Multifamily Communities in Georgia

Managing your natural gas has never been easier!

Gas South’s Continuous Gas Service Program ensures that natural gas service will be available and flowing when you need it – whether the property is vacant or occupied. Managers of multifamily communities and owners of multiple rental homes across Georgia choose Gas South for their natural gas service for many reasons:
  • Dedicated Property Management Support Team - Our team is focused on assisting you with all aspects of setting up and managing your Continuous Gas Service Program.

  • Great Rate Plans – We offer fixed and variable rate plans for both you and your residents. Plus, our unique Pay-As-You-Go® program for credit-challenged customers allows us to accept more of your residents for service. Pay-As-You-Go® is a great option that does not require an upfront deposit or pre-payment.

  • Group Billing and weekly CGS Reporting – We provide consolidated billing statements for easy review and an easy-to-read report for access to rental property usage.

  • Flexible Bill Payment Options – Our convenient bill payment options make paying your bill simple, and your residents can choose to pay their gas bill electronically, by check, or at over 1,000 walk-in payment locations throughout Georgia.

For more information about our Continuous Gas Service Program in Georgia, call 1-866-426-2491 or email .

Kevin Carr, Chief Financial Officer, First Communities

“Gas South has exceeded our expectations in all facets of our relationship. Our multifamily business requires an intense amount of personal servicing and Gas South has been absolutely extraordinary with all our needs and more. This exceptional level of servicing coupled with unbeatable pricing in the marketplace makes Gas South the perfect choice for First Communities."

Natural Gas in Florida

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