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Connecting your natural gas service in Georgia with Gas South is simple. Our current Business Rate Plans listed below are available through July 5th, 2020 .

 Rate Plans  Rate
 Variable Rate  $0.99
 Business 6-Month Fixed Rate*  $0.53
 Business 12-Month Fixed Rate*  $0.53

Fill in the required information below and you will receive an email confirmation of your service request within 48 hours.
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Business Name
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 (example: "21 Main St.")
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 (example: "Suite 100")
Zip Code
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Requested Service Reconnection Date

All business rate plans are subject to a monthly Customer Service Fee, Interstate Pipeline Charges, taxes and Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGLC) charges. Business Terms and Conditions apply.

*Business fixed rate plans are subject to a $300 early contract cancellation fee if you choose to terminate your fixed rate contract before it expires.
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1-866-426-2491 — Large Business Services: Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Facility Services.

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Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts

Gas South provides industry specific account management services to larger businesses.

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