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Green Initiatives for Georgia

As part of Gas South’s green initiative, we are proud to offer ways to help our customers Go Green.

Direct Carbon Offsets

Gas South can purchase carbon offsets for Georgia businesses looking to offset their carbon footprint based on their natural gas consumption. Georgia business customers that choose to participate in the voluntary program pay a surcharge on their gas bill. This money will go to fund projects such as planting trees, landfill methane recovery or renewable-energy projects. Learn More.

Planet 420

Gas South has partnered with Sweetwater Brewery to purchase direct carbon offsets, reducing Sweetwater’s carbon footprint. In addition to purchasing the carbon offsets, Gas South is the presenting sponsor of Planet 420 at Sweetwater’s annual 420 fest which promotes environmental best practices for businesses and individuals.

Contact Us

Gas South would be happy to help your business Go Green. To learn more about Gas South’s green initiatives, contact us at the email or number below:

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Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts

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