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Pay-As-You-Go® Program

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Gas South's Pay-As-You-Go® Program.

What is the Pay-As-You-Go® Program?

Gas South’s Pay-As-You-Go® program is designed to bring choice and savings to customers
(re)establishing their credit. This program allows you to obtain natural gas service by paying the estimated charges for the gas you will use over the next 30 days, at the beginning of the service period. No deposits are required under this program. After 12 months of good payment history under this program, Gas South will then offer you standard rates.

When will I receive my first Pay-As-You-Go® bill?

Gas South will mail your first Pay-As-You-Go® bill within a week of your service start date. This bill will include estimated charges for the next 30 days of service plus a connection fee of up to $60 if you are turning on service at your location.

What time period will my estimated charges cover?

Your estimated charges will be for the next 30 days.

How does Gas South estimate my charges?

Gas South estimates your charges based on the historical usage at your premise and current gas prices.

What rate per therm will I pay with the Pay-As-You-Go® Program?

Gas South offers both a fixed and variable rate option with the Pay-As-You-Go® Program. Visit the rates Page to check out our most current Pay-As-You-Go® rate plans.

Do I need to pay the total amount due if I believe my estimated charges are too high?

Yes. Each month you must pay the total amount due as shown on your bill. Failure to pay this full amount on time may result in disconnection of your service.

What happens if my actual charges differ from my estimated charges?

Each month Gas South will calculate the difference between your actual charges and your estimated charges from your prior bill. Your current charges will include this difference to ensure you only pay for the gas you use.

How much time do I have to pay my bill?

Your Pay-As-You-Go® bill is due 20 days after the bill date. Please note that an accelerated disconnection timeline applies to this program, whereby your gas service is subject to disconnection five days after the due date on the bill. Therefore, it is very important to pay your bill promptly. Your bill will always include a disconnection notice to remind you of the payment amount and due date required to avoid disconnection.

How can I pay my bill?

Gas South offers several convenient payment options including paying online, over the phone, or in person. Please visit payment option or call 1-877-347-7243 to review all of our payment options.

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