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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Your Bill

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Gas South natural gas bill.

How do I read my bill?

We have provided a helpful How to Read Your Monthly Bill (PDF 114KB) guide to help you understand your Gas South bill.

Can I view my bill online?

Yes! You can view your bill online through Online Account Services.

Who do I call for questions about my bill?

If you have questions about your Gas South natural gas bill, please contact us
or call us at 1-877-472-4932.

What is the monthly Customer Service Fee?

This fee is for maintaining your account and includes the cost of generating and mailing a bill, customer service and other account maintenance functions.

What is included in my Gas Charges?

This is the cost of gas you used during the billing period. It is calculated by multiplying your therms used by your per therm rate. See How to Read Your Monthly Bill (PDF 114KB) for an example of these calculations.

Who is Atlanta Gas Light? What are the AGL Pass Through Charges?

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) is the distribution company that owns the pipeline system through which natural gas is delivered to your property. The AGL Pass Through Charges consist of AGL’s cost for maintaining the natural gas pipelines and storage facilities, reading your meter each month and other social and environmental costs. AGL sends us your monthly charges for these services, which are “passed through” to you – without any additional cost or mark-up. These charges are the same regardless of which natural gas marketer you choose.

When will I get charged the AGL Pass Through Charges?

AGL Pass Through Charges are assessed on the 20th of every month for the next month of service. AGL assesses full monthly pass through charges regardless of the actual number of days you receive service.

What is the Interstate Pipeline Capacity Charge? (Business Customers Only)

The Interstate Pipeline Capacity Charge is a fee for transportation of gas through the interstate pipelines from the gas producing regions to Georgia. It includes the fixed costs Gas South incurs for the transportation and storage of gas.

What is the DDDC Factor and how is it calculated?

Your Dedicated Design Day Capacity (DDDC) Factor is used to calculate your AGL Pass Through Charges. The DDDC Factor determines how much pipeline capacity is needed to deliver natural gas to your location on a very cold day. AGL calculates your DDDC annually, usually in August, by reviewing the past gas consumption and usage pattern at your premise. Visit Gas South's blog to learn more...

Why does my bill fluctuate monthly?

There are several factors that affect your natural gas bill.
1.   Your gas usage will usually vary by month and season.
2.   If you are on a variable rate plan, your rate will fluctuate month to month with the natural gas       market. The rate on your bill will be the published rate in effect on your meter start date.
3.   AGL Pass Through Charges vary by month. These charges tend to be higher in the winter       months.

What is the difference between the AGL Number and the Gas South Account Number?

Your AGL Number is the Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGLC) account number used to identify your service location. Your Gas South Account Number is used by Gas South to track your customer account.

Why am I being charged a Late Fee?

In accordance with the Residential Terms and Conditions or Business Terms and Conditions In accordance with the Residential Terms and Conditions or Business Terms and Conditions provided at the time of enrollment or renewal, Gas South charges a late fee if your current charges are not paid by the due date.

How can I confirm my meter reads?

Locate your gas meter at your home and compare the reading to the one found on your bill under How We Calculated Your Gas Charges: Ending Read. The reading on your meter should be higher than the one recorded on your bill. If you find it is lower, please call us at 1-877-472-4932.

Why is this month’s bill so high?

Cold temperatures, your thermostat setting and adding additional gas appliances are a few of the reasons why your gas consumption may have increased. Learn more ways to save money on your natural gas bill with our Energy Saving Tips. If you still have questions, please contact us or call us at 1-877-472-4932.

What is your bill dispute policy?

If you think your bill is incorrect, please contact us within thirty (30) days of the date of the bill in dispute. You will not be responsible for paying the disputed portion of the bill during the investigation period but will be responsible for timely payment of charges not in dispute. Gas South will use good faith efforts to resolve any customer disputes in a timely manner. The resolution of the dispute will be communicated in writing to you within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the dispute. If you are still dissatisfied, you may contact the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Why did I receive a bill that only has gas charges?

Consumption charge only bills occur when Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGLC) does not provide AGL Pass Through Charges to Gas South during your meter read cycle. This can occur based on when you started, switched or stopped service. In rare cases, a consumption charge only bill is created when AGL provides a second meter reading for additional Gas Charges after your normal monthly bill was already created. Consumption charge only bills will include the AGL Meter Read Charge and Gas Charges but will not include AGL Pass Through Charges or a Customer Service Fee.

Why did I receive a bill with no gas charges?

This occurs when AGL is unable to obtain a meter reading, the meter reading is the same as the previous meter reading, or you recently started, switched or stopped service. These bills will include AGL Pass Through Charges, a Customer Service Fee and possibly Interstate Pipeline Capacity Charges (for business customers) but will not include the AGL Meter Read portion or Gas Charges

What happens if I receive a bill from a gas company that I did not choose?

If you receive a bill from a provider you did not choose, then you may be a victim of "slamming." Slamming is the illegal practice of switching the natural gas provider of a residential or business customer without the customer's knowledge or permission. If you think you've been slammed, call the provider you chose and they will help you restore your service with them.

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